David Dawson said he “had a laugh” with Harry Styles while shooting ‘My Policeman’ sex scenes


What is it like to film an intimate movie scene with Harry Styles? Just ask David Dawson, who plays Harry’s secret lover in My Policeman.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Dawson said he was comfortable filming sex scenes with the “As It Was” singer.

“That was one of the most special things I took away from this project,” he dished. “Because initially, when you read the script and you know that there are these intimate scenes, you hope that the person you’re going to be going through this process with is someone you can wholly put your trust in and will communicate with you and is void of ego. And I got all of that and more in Harry.”

Dawson added the two were able to find some humor in filming those steamy scenes: “That’s how odd the situation is. There were only about four other people that needed to be with us in that room, and suddenly when ‘cut’ is called you notice that, you know, the [director of photography] is there. But we all just had a laugh, because that’s the best way to deal with it.”

Harry plays a closeted police officer named Tom in the upcoming film, which is set in England in the ’50s — a time when homosexuality was prohibited. While Tom marries a woman named Marion, played by The Crown’s Emma Corrin, he engages in an extramarital affair with Dawson’s Patrick.

The movie debuts in theaters on October 21 and will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on November 4.

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