Jordin Sparks says ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is giving her “insane” ‘American Idol’ flashbacks


Jordin Sparks is on the new season of Dancing with the Stars on Disney+, and on Monday night, she and her partner Brandon Armstrong got their highest scores yet for their sensual rumba.  But Jordin says DWTS feels a bit like being back on American Idol — once again, she’s asking viewers to vote for her.

She laughs to ABC Audio. “Why am I doing this to myself again? I must love it. I must enjoy this kind of torturous pressure cooker!”  But that’s not the only thing about the competition that’s gives her Idol flashbacks.

Jordin explains, “It’s also insane because it films in the same building that Idol did. So I’m walking down these same hallways…the stage is literally a couple feet away…there’s a lot of feels that go on every week when I’m in that building!”

Jordin finally agreed to do Dancing with the Stars this year, she says, because her son DJ is “old enough to understand mommy has to go rehearse” — and because her husband Dana told her, “You can totally do this!"”

“I really have to commend Dana and also DJ for inspiring me to want to do things that scare me!” she laughs.

Another flashback for Jordin came in August, when she joined Chris Brown at his final tour stop to sing their hit duet “No Air” for the first time in 15 years.

“We’d never been able to perform it live…[in a ] concert venue…and so it was really cool to be able to have that moment and…to sing it as adults!” she laughs. “We were [17] when we recorded that song! Now we have kids, and we know what love is…[so] to be able to sing it again in this phase of our life…it was a moment!”

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