Justin Timberlake reveals the secret to staying young: “Being childish, clearly”


Justin Timberlake made his final appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and, of course, comparisons were made to his first appearance nearly 20 years ago.

Ellen reminded her audience that Justin was “my second guest” on her talk show and shared video of his September 9, 2003, appearance. “You were 22 years old,” she reminded the now 41-year-old singer. “We gave you our first pair of Ellen underwear … and you put them on your [head].”

“One of the best moments of my life,” Justin assured. 

That also led to Ellen remarking that the “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” hitmaker is still very much the same person as he was 20 years ago and asked, “What did you think you would’ve grown out of by now but you still haven’t?”

At first Justin joked, “The Ellen underwear you gave me,” but soon provided his real response: “Being childish, clearly.”

While both agreed maintaining that childish spark is “a good way to stay young,” Justin said that mentality helps him connect better with his two young sons. “Having kids, you get to see the world again through their eyes,” the Grammy winner remarked.

Justin shares 7-year-old Silas and 1-year-old Phineas with wife Jessica Biel. “Keep your kids as young as they can be for as long as possible,” he encouraged, adding that is the secret of staying young. “Don’t let them grow up too fast.”

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