Katy Perry to star in upcoming animated musical ‘Melody’


Katy Perry is getting a cartoon makeover and will be the star of the upcoming animated musical Melody.

Deadline reports that the movie is being helmed by Jeremy Zag, who’s behind the animated Miraculous Ladybug and GhostForce series. Melody, set in New York City, centers on a girl who loves to sing but is afraid to showcase her talents. Melody is also accompanied by seven magical music notes that serve as her mentors, but her life changes forever when she meets her idol, Rose Stellar, who is actually evil and tries to destroy her.

Katy will serve as the speaking and singing voice for Melody and is writing the movie’s songs, which will include themes on self-discovery, believing in oneself and chasing your dreams.

The Grammy nominee says she was able to see herself in the main character, noting, “I am [a] 37-year-old woman who still struggles with being insecure. What resonated for me with Melody and her character is the overall storyline that has to do with self confidence.”

Katy also reveals that this movie was created with her daughter, Daisy Dove, in mind.

“I’ve realized in laying the foundation for my own child to be fearless, confident and brave, that you cannot have enough films with such strong themes of empowerment,” she says. “I am encouraging my daughter to be fearless, because she has a mother and a father who are fearless. You don’t want to live 10 percent of what life has to offer. Why not 100 percent?”

Zag says he spent years trying to make Melody into a movie, but it was only after he worked with Katy that the story came together. 

“I’ve never seen anyone as creative as Katy, who so personifies this character,” he tells Deadline.

It’s currently unknown when Melody will arrive in theaters.

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