Katy Perry will delight daughter Daisy with Peppa Pig voiceover: “Whatever makes me cool with my toddler”


Katy Perry and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, will provide the voices of Miss Leopard and Mr. Raccoon on the three-part Peppa Pig Wedding Special, airing 9 a.m. ET/PT from March 25-28 on Nickelodeon. There are several reasons why Katy wanted to voice a character in the British cartoon, which is about a pig, her family and their friends.

“I like being the first pop star that says yes to Peppa,” Katy says, adding that the pig is “a cultural icon.”  Her fans also encouraged her to do it. But mostly, Katy says, “Whatever makes me cool with my toddler [Daisy] is what I want to be involved in these days.”

As for Orlando’s involvement, he’s English, so he “grew up with Peppa Pig,” says Katy, as did Orlando’s 12-year-old son, Flynn.

“[He] remembers watching Peppa Pig when he was like two or three. So there’s just such fun, nostalgic feeling when Flynn is watching with Daisy,” says Katy. “Peppa’s like our new best friend in our household.

And as a mom, Katy appreciates that the episodes have “little values or little stories, and it’s family friendly and it’s really easy to digest.” She adds that Daisy, two-and-a-half, “loves it because she really can lean in and understand, she can follow along really well.”

In the episode, Katy’s character, Miss Leopard, is a dressmaker who helps with the wedding of Mr. Bull and Mrs. Cow — a role that’s perfect for her.

“I relate to Miss Leopard a lot because I always say if I wasn’t a pop star, I would have probably been a stylist,” she explains. “I’m always playing with fashion … and creating my own costumes … and just curious and always problem-solving — and having a good time doing it!”

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