Lawrence “Don’t Lose Sight” of success, thanks to breakthrough hit featured in Microsoft ad


Thanks to the use of its song “Don’t Lose Sight” in a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablet commercial, the band Lawrence now has their first radio hit. The tune is about not giving up on your dreams, even though you may be frustrated, and Clyde Lawrence, who fronts the band with his sister Gracie, says he loves how the ad really gets that message across.

It begins with a montage of demotivated office workers, and then cuts to a visual artist who uses his Surface Pro to have a breakthrough. As Clyde explains, “The commercial wasn’t just saying, ‘Yay, don’t give up!’ It was actually…showing how difficult it can be to make it as an artist sometimes, which meant that the song worked perfectly.”

Thanks to the ad, “Don’t Lose Sight” is the first song that many people have heard from the group, which has been around since 2013, and Clyde says he feels the tune encapsulates his band’s sound.

“Lawrence is a lot of things,” he notes. “It’s my voice and it’s Gracie’s voice. It’s the sound of horns and the sound of harmonies. It’s some amount of humor and some amount of honesty…And I think…conveniently… ‘Don’t Lose Sight’ is really one of the only songs we’ve ever written that truly…includes all of those things.”

Clyde adds, “Hopefully, it’s the perfect introduction for all these new people to come in, join forces with the pre-existing Lawrence fan community, and maybe get to know all the other songs we have.”

But did Microsoft hook the eight-piece band up with Surface tablets? According to Clyde, they’ve only gotten one.

“Maybe we’ll have to hit them up for another round soon,” he laughs. “But we do use it on tour. So thank you, Microsoft, for that!”

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