Sadie Sink’s brother predicted she’d star in Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’


Sadie Sink made a splash as the star of Taylor Swift‘s award-winning All Too Well: The Short Film. And while she had no idea she’d end up appearing in the project, her brother predicted she’d do exactly that.

Speaking to Variety, the Stranger Things star says, “I never thought that there would be a world where that would happen for me … when we heard that, y’know, ‘Taylor Swift has an idea and she’s going to pitch it to you, be expecting a phone call,’ I was like, ‘Oh, it’ll just be like a little bit part in like a big ensemble movie.’ Of course I would do it, but I thought it’d be really tiny.”

Sadie continues, “And then I think it was my brother who was like, ‘Y’know what? What if she’s making an ‘All Too Well’ music video and you were the girl in it?’ And I was like, ‘Mitchell, shut up! That’s not happening! There’s no way!’ But he was right!”

Sadie, who co-starred in the film with Dylan O’Brien, says of Taylor, “She’s someone that I was a huge fan of before … I think she’s a really, really good filmmaker and a very smart director … she knows what she wants and … doesn’t overshoot or anything like that.”

She adds, “So yeah, I’m excited to kind of see where she goes next with it.”

Of course, we know where she’s going next: Taylor’s directing a feature film based on her original script.

Meanwhile, Sadie is co-starring in the critically acclaimed Brendan Fraser movie The Whale, which seems likely to get several Oscar nominations. All Too Well may also be nominated for Best Live Action Short Film, so perhaps Taylor and Sadie can hang out at the Oscars together.

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