The Chainsmokers say their new album shows their growth as artists


The Chainsmokers say their new album, So Far So Good, marks a pivotal point in their career.  When fans finally hear it on May 13, they say it’ll show how much they’ve grown and matured as artists.

Speaking to Billboard, the EDM duo opened up about their multi-year hiatus, which they say was necessary to develop their new direction.

Said Drew Taggart, “I was in a dark place at the end of 2019… I was on antidepressants. We were on this massive tour, we had an album that needed to be finished, and I went through this really tough time of waking up and not wanting to do anything that day.”

Added Alex Pall, “I definitely remember the feeling of, ‘My God, I should be so happy right now, but I’m not."”

The Grammy winners vanished shortly after their World War Joy tour wrapped and retreated to Hawaii to work on their fourth studio album.  The two said disconnecting from the world allowed them to reset and experiment with their music for fun, rather than out of pressure to maintain their momentum.

The hitmakers enjoyed what they created and it revived their inspiration, so much so they stopped feeling the need to recreate the same success as their past hits “Roses” and “Closer.”

“I can’t tell you how life-changing it was for me personally,” Drew added, and revealed that being able to relax while creating helped him step out of his dark place entirely.  

Alex and Drew say So Far So Good takes more risks than their previous efforts and introduces The Chainsmokers 2.0.  “It does feel like we’re a new band starting over in a lot of ways,” added Alex. “I don’t mean that in any sort of negative way. It’s the best feeling ever.”

So Far So Good comes out May 13.

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