The Kid LAROI’s dating a real doll in new video for “Love Again”


The Kid LAROI is out with his long-awaited new single, “Love Again,” as well as a video that shows him dating a real doll — literally.

In the breakup song, LAROI sings over a strumming guitar, “Can we find love again?/ Is this time the end?/ Tell me, how many more tears will drop/ ’Til you hit me with ‘Can we talk?"” In the video, the Australian artist is seen having a deep, emotional relationship with a life-size blond doll: They drive around together, cuddle on the beach, share some fries, go to concerts and talk under the covers.

But then, at a party, LAROI sees his doll talking to another guy. He blows up and storms away, which leads to their breakup. He sits alone in his house eating cold pizza when he’s not stalking his ex, who he sees with the new guy through a window.

At the end of the video, as LAROI opens the door to find his doll standing there, he, too, turns into a doll, and they drive away together.

In a coda, LAROI announces that the next song he’s releasing from his upcoming project, The First Time, is “Kids Are Growing Up Pt 1.”

LAORI will perform “Love Again” Friday night as part of his Fortnite experience The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams, which premieres at 6 p.m. ET. During the interactive experience, players can go on quests through “Laroitown” and find their way to a concert by the artist.


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