“There’s no ego”: Camila Cabello explains why she wanted Ed Sheeran on her new album


Camila Cabello is happy to see “Bam Bam” making waves on the radio because it’s a testament to her friendship with Ed Sheeran.

Speaking to Variety, the Grammy nominee said she wanted Ed to feature on her new album Familia because she knew she “could kick it with” the “Shivers” singer.

“Ed has been a good friend for a long time and is somebody I super respect as a songwriter,” she explained. “He’s always looking for the best idea [and] doesn’t really beat around the bush — he’s super direct, and I’m like that too.”

“There’s no ego, which is the best way to work,” Camila added of their collaborative natures. 

The “Havana” singer reflected on what she’s learned as an artist since entering the limelight as a member of Fifth Harmony, when she was 15.  Camila revealed her biggest lesson came only recently, saying she enacted a “no ego” policy when working on her third studio album. 

Camila said she enjoyed the practice because it allowed her to be her “most authentic self” and will now use that going forward on all her projects. Although she will be more honest about what she’s thinking, she remarked, “That doesn’t mean it all has to be positive music. I want to explore darker parts of [the] psyche and have that be a healing thing.”

She also revealed she is no longer preoccupied by how others see her.  “Before, with the first couple of albums, I’d be like, ‘What do you think? What do you think?’ and now I don’t send my music to that many people anymore,” Camila explained. “Like, it doesn’t matter if you love it. If I hate it, why am I out there promoting it?”

That also means if she “can’t stand behind” a song, she won’t release it.

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