Was Nicky Youre’s smash “Sunroof” inspired by a 2012 movie?


The summer’s over, but Nicky Youre‘s hit “Sunroof” is still going strong. Nicky says he was sick when he wrote the tune last April, so he wanted a feel-good song to cheer himself up. But he might have been subconsciously influenced by a movie he had just watched.

While promoting “Sunroof,” Nicky has either been asked about, or has brought up, one famous scene in the  2012 movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, starring Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller. While Emma’s character is riding in a pickup truck going through a tunnel at top speed, she climbs through the back window and stands up in the cab with her hands up high.

So, did that scene inspire “Sunroof”? “I don’t even know. I think it just had, like, some small amount of, like, inspiration there,” Nicky tells ABC Audio.

He notes that while he loves movies, watching at least a movie a day, he doesn’t write with “intent.”

“I think everything that I write is, like, kind of subconsciously written … with words that feel like they make sense and are fun,” Nicky says.

But the movie happened to be on his mind at the time.

“I wouldn’t say that that was the main thing, but that’s, like, one of my favorite movies,” he recalls. “I remember I just watched it for the second time, so I was like, ‘Oh, this movie is so sick."”

“I don’t even know if I really wrote about it,” Nicky adds. “When I think of ‘Sunroof,’ that’s kind of the scene that I think of … with Emma Watson’s hands in the air.”

So, we’ll take that as a yes?

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