Watch Katy Perry wear crazy outfits & scarf down chow in new ad for British food delivery service


Katy Perry is the new face of the British food delivery company Just Eat, which is sort of like Grubhub or DoorDash. In a new ad, you can see her consuming all kinds of cuisine while wearing her signature wacky outfits.

In the ad, Katy welcomes a delivery person into her technicolor home. She wears nine different outfits throughout the ad, including a Moschino two-piece decorated with fried eggs, a diamante lettuce bra and a custom-made cake dress. She sings the company’s theme song, “Did Somebody Say … Just Eat” with new music and lyrics she wrote.

In the song, Katy sings about eating “curry in a hurry,” “a little sushi while I watch a movie,” “a papaya salad while I sing a ballad” and “subs in the tub.” She consumes pizza, acai bowls, noodles, tacos, ice cream and more; in one scene, she and a puppet version of herself play piano while singing about lattes. “Bon Appétit from me, Katy Perry,” she concludes.

In a statement, Katy says, “Working with Just Eat was a really fun and natural experience. Coincidentally most of my records and eras have had food undertones to them, from strawberries, to peppermints to now mushrooms.”

She adds, “Ordering takeaway is a regular Saturday night for me, so it was fun to channel that into a video that is a combination of the things that bring joy to my life: poppy bright colors, wild outfits, and food puns sung over a catchy tune.”


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