Watch Lauren Spencer-Smith’s new video for “Flowers”


Lauren Spencer-Smith is out with the video for “Flowers,” her follow-up single to “Fingers Crossed.”

In the video, Lauren narrates the song while we see a young women in a split screen that shows her in an unhappy relationship with one guy, and a happy relationship with another one. In the final line, Lauren delivers the song’s big takeaway: “If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s you should watch yourself/ If it’s hurting you, then leave and go and get some help.”

The song is based on Lauren’s personal experience, and she says in a statement, “When I’m writing I always think about what’s going on in the world. How are people feeling? What are they going to relate to? I want to listen to a song and know what it’s about, that’s why I write with details about my life but always think, how will my fans relate? I want it to feel universal.”

The Canadian singer/songwriter, who’s currently working on her debut project, will perform and present at the Juno Awards — the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys — scheduled for May 15 in Toronto.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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