Beyoncé invests in lemon water brand Lemon Perfect


Beyoncé has already served up more than enough Lemonade for us all, but now, the Grammy winner has signed on to support a new venture involving the tangy fruit.

Lemon Perfect, an organic, cold-pressed lemon water brand founded in 2017, announced that it’s closed a $31 million funding initiative with the help of an investment from the “Be Alive” singer.

According to Forbes, the details of Beyoncé’s investment haven’t been revealed, but Yanni Hufnagel, the company’s founder and CEO, says he grateful for the star’s contribution.

“We are honored and humbled that Beyoncé has become a part of the Lemon Perfect family,” Hufnagel said, as reported by Forbes. “She is a worldwide icon whose talent, character, and positivity are unsurpassed.”

The 40-year-old superstar isn’t known for attaching her name to just any business venture. She says the decision join Lemon Perfect as an investor was an “easy” one.

“I don’t typically enjoy drinks without added sugar, but Lemon Perfect is delicious,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “It was an easy decision to invest in something that not only tastes great and is healthy, but also, and most importantly, allows choosing a healthier lifestyle to be affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Other funding investors include Beechwood Capital, Goat Rodeo Capital, Melitas Ventures, NNS Capital and the venture capital firm Trousdale Ventures.

“We have never solicited an investment in Lemon Perfect — we just present our vision for the future and the early data signaling that we can disrupt a multibillion-dollar category,” Hufnagel said.

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