Eric Benét talks new ALLBLK anthology series ‘Snap’


Snap, a brand new anthology series, arrives on ALLBLK today. 

It was co-created by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actor Eric Benét, who tells ABC Audio the series “is a really interesting look into what we’re going through on this planet, socially, ethically.”

Snap follows a perfectly imperfect god named A.O., who serves as the “moral compass” for the protagonist of each episode and challenges them to take an “ethical inventory” of their life. 

“Sometimes the consequences of that ethical inventory is life changing or sometimes life ending,” Benét shares.

Each episode in the series tells a different story and stars talent like Amiyah Scott, Michael Buscemi, Clifton Powell, Tisha Campbell and more. 

So, how did the show come about? Benét says the idea came to him during an RV trip with his family and he immediately called his friend, director and Snap co-creator, Devin Hampton

“I thought it was just going to be like one little short film that we were going to shoot,” Benét explains. “And then, you know, after we saw what we did, it became clearly evident that there are many more stories that could be told through this prism.”

The purpose of all of these stories, says Benét is to remind people “there’s some really important things we need to be paying attention to now.”

“The oceans are literally drying up and we’re living in this crazy distraction,” he says, making note of social media and celebrity gossip. “We need to reevaluate how we see the world and how we can maneuver through all of these obstacles that are in front of us and obstacles that we’re creating right now for the future generation.” 

Catch Snap Thursdays on ALLBLK with new episodes weekly.

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