Fans respond in shock to story about Anderson .Paak’s tough upbringing


Twitter went into a frenzy late Tuesday evening after a 2010 story written about Anderson .Paak‘s life, family and turbulent childhood made its rounds across the internet. 

The in-depth article, published by the Black-focused media platform Andscape, formerly known as The Undefeated, provides personal life details, including prison time served by a few family members, and Anderson’s homelessness and financial woes — all of which is told from the perspective of the writer, “who used to lived next door.”

Fans reacted to the story’s intimate details — like that of the time a young Anderson found his dad nearly strangling his mother to death — by applauding the superstar and finally, as some would say, giving him his flowers for persevering through his struggles. 

“No matter how corny I think silk Sonic is I’m just happy people are finally being introduced to Anderson,” one user wrote. “He’s talked about this years ago but that’s why when people clown him, I’m like that man doesn’t look like a quarter of the s**t he been through. Let him live.”

In line with many of the other Twitter posts, one user said they aren’t sure they’d make it through some of the trials Anderson endured. “After reading that article I really got respect for Anderson Paak cause anybody else would have folded.”

There was even a few comments about Anderson’s famous wig, which he currently sports when performing as half of the R&B duo Silk Sonic alongside Bruno Mars. One tweet reads, “…he can have that wig on for the rest of his life and y’all better not say nothing to him because baby you’ve earned the right to be WHOMEVER TF you want to be.”

Some posed a simple reaction to the singer’s story: “All I can say is… WOW.”

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