“I get to determine what’s beauty to me”: Alicia Keys expands “soul-nurturing” skincare line with new makeup collection


Alicia Keys is continuing to make her slow but thoughtful return to the beauty world with a new makeup collection called Make You. 

After sporting a bare but glowing face for the last six years, the Grammy Award-winning singer recently launched her Keys Soulcare skin line, a “soul-searching,” dermatologist-developed, clean beauty brand. 

In a recent interview with People, Keys opens up about her decision to wear makeup again, including the realization that she’s the only person who gets to determine what beauty means for herself.

“[My view of makeup] has completely evolved,” she explains, admitting, “I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 16 years old when I started performing. I had really challenging skin and would break out all the time.”

By offering a variety of good-for-your-skin products — a tinted lip balm, cheek tint and brow gel — the singer hopes to enhance people’s natural glow while also maintaining skin health. 

“On the cheek tint, it says ‘I choose my own path,"” Alicia notes. “So as you use it, you’re supporting this idea that you get to determine life for yourself. That’s a big part of what Soulcare is.”

With hopes of inspiring a new wave of self-affirming beauty standards, Keys emphasizes the importance of wearing makeup on your own terms. 

“I feel like a lot of times we feel the pressure to be perfect, or the pressure to look a certain way,” she says. “Along the way, I realized that the only beauty standard I should follow is the one that I create.”

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