Megan Thee Stallion’s former friend, assistant recants statement, pleads the Fifth during Tory Lanez trial


Note Language) Megan Thee Stallion‘s former friend and assistant Kelsey Harris took the stand Wednesday during the third day of the trial against Tory Lanez, who is accused of shooting Megan in the foot in July 2020. 

According to Billboard, Harris seemed reluctant to answer questions about the night Megan was shot. She asked Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta to repeat her questions numerous times, blaming “anxiety, post-partum, a death in the family … [and a] sick baby” as reasons she appeared distracted in the courtroom. She also requested that specific audio clips be played to “refresh [her] memory” so that she could testify.

Prosecutors played a recording from an interview she did in September in which she claimed that Lanez had threatened to shoot her, as well; she recanted that statement in the courtroom Wednesday.

Harris described the two women meeting Lanez at a Roc Nation brunch in 2020. According to Harris, Lanez was “someone that Megan wanted me to pursue beyond a friendship.” She confirmed she had an intimate relationship with the singer, but claimed she noticed he’d grown closer to Meg while she spent a few months in her hometown of Houston during the pandemic.

Harris said they attended a gathering at Kylie Jenner‘s house the night of the shooting, where “a lot of alcohol had been involved.” She claimed that Megan was drunk and “her behavior was a little off.” She also described Lanez as “flirting with Kylie” during the party.

While on their way home without Lanez, Meg allegedly requested they return to Jenner’s because she “had left a slipper.” Harris claimed moments later Megan rushed out of Jenner’s house with Lanez, saying, “B****, Kylie said we gotta get the f*** out!”

Harris appeared flustered when asked what happened in the car,  but eventually revealed, “There was a lot of back and forth.” She admitted she was hurt when she found out Megan and Lanez had been “having a relationship.”

Harris was then asked about her previous claim that Lanez threatened to shoot her in the car; she attempted to plead the Fifth so she could talk to her attorney. She testified that “there were some things I wasn’t truthful about to protect myself.” 

When shown a photo of herself from that night, Harris said didn’t know whose blood was on her leg. She denied that she was the one who shot Megan, saying those accusations were “ridiculous.”

Harris was one of only two people present with Megan and Lanez at the time of the alleged shooting. Lanez’s defense team claims Harris may have been the one to pull the trigger. She will complete her testimony in court on Thursday.

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