Saweetie addresses liking viral tweet about Lil Nas X’s sexuality


Saweetie is setting the record straight on liking a now-viral tweet that questioned Lil Nas X‘s sexuality. 

“He was lookin fine af that’s why I liked the video,” the “My Type” rapper tweeted on Saturday. “I didn’t see the shadiness …. *unlikes*.”

The “shadiness” Saweetie is referring to was what one social media user wrote alongside a video of Lil Nas at Lollapalooza. In the clip, the 23-year-old performed his new yet-to-be-released collaboration with Saucy Santana, “DOWN SOUF H***,” and is seen twerking. 

“I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced,” the user wrote. 

Lil Nas responded to Saweetie’s clarification, replying with two blue hearts

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