Vic Mensa celebrates 2 years sober: “I’m building the best version of myself”


Vic Mensa is celebrating two years of sobriety.  

The Chicago rapper took to Instagram with the update, writing that he is “building the best version” of himself. 

“2 Years Sober,” he began in his lengthy post. “In many ways i would liken it to running up hill – at first it is difficult, but after time your strength increases, your endurance increases. Two years i’ve been raw dogging life [laughing emoji] I’ve had to learn how to face my emotions head on, nowhere to run to, nothing to hide behind.”

He added, “I have thought a lot about the difference between fun and joy. Many of the things I’ve always done in the pursuit of fun didn’t actually bring me joy, were actually antithetical to the pursuit of joy. I’m at a point where if an action is not actively furthering my goals, professionally, mentally, spiritually, physically… it doesn’t have a place in my life right now.

Mensa said he’s “gotten used to saying no,” and as far as partying, he “might show up to the club for 6.3 minutes but more likely not at all.”

The “Victory” rapper, who recently dropped a vulnerable new single, “Blue Eyes,” posted a series of images showing off his ripped physique while working out. 

“I’m building the best version of myself brick by brick, day by day, moment by moment,” he ended the post saying. “Everyone doesn’t have to see it, they don’t have to honor it, but i promise you, by the time im done they will respect it.”

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