Radio Dash Display


A New Radio To Advertise On the Radio

When you advertise with Delta Radio Network, you not only get ads on the radio, but our exclusive Radio Dash Display also displays your ad on most car radios! A text message can display your business name and perhaps a slogan, address, website, or phone number. Text ads (limited to 64 characters), can promote your business and include such messages as “Dominos Pizza – Call 334-8888 for fast delivery in Greenville”, or “Grease Monkey – Get your oil changed today.”

The display looks different depending on the model radio, but here are two examples:



You won’t get this extra feature on any other radio station in the Delta. We offer it exclusively to all our regular advertisers at no additional charge! In addition, the same text message displays on our iPhone and Android streaming apps and on our desktop streaming player. It’s just another way Delta Radio Network works to make your advertising more effective.

For more information, ask your Delta Radio Network Business Development Specialist, or call us at 662-394-8865 ext 717.