Tower Rental


Delta Radio Network rents space on our towers to a variety of companies, including paging services, repeaters, wireless internet and cell phone providers.

City: Mound Bayou, MS
Height: 344′ AGL
ASR #: 1009948
Coordinates: 33-52-49 NL  90-42-24 WL
Location: 242 E. Mound Bayou Road, 1 mile east of Mound Bayou, MS

City: Cleveland, MS
Height: 100′ AGL
ASR #: n/a
Coordinates: 33-44-53.5 NL  90-43-13.8 WL
Location: 201 E. Sunflower Road at Valley Court Square, Downtown Cleveland

City: Greenville, MS
Height: 199′ AGL
ASR #:1042312
Coordinates: 333-24-36 NL  91-01-03 WL
Location:  329 Belhaven, North of US Hwy 82

City: Indianola, MS
Height: 199′ AGL
ASR #: 1284141
Coordinates: 33-28-41.5 NL  90-38-28.8 WL
Location: 44 Highway 448, 2 miles north of downtown Indianola

City: Cleveland, MS
Height: 349′ AGL
ASR #: 1290066
Coordinates: 33-44-17.4 NL  90-39-29.3 WL
Location: US Highway 8, 3 miles east of Cleveland

Electrical power and equipment space is available at all locations.

For rental inquiries, contact Larry Fuss at 702-482-9393, or e-mail [email protected].